Get messy and save on washing...

Six children under six.  Six sausage rolls oozing ketchup and six gently melting ice-cream cones.  But no dirty clothes at the end of it all...?

4 year old wearing big bib tunic           Big bib tunic keeping 6 year old child clean from dripping icecream  

At the end of our recent photoshoot, the children received a messy treat which provided the ideal road-test for the Bigbibs and proved that they are more than up to the job.  They are so comfortable that they quickly forgot they were wearing them and focussed on the food at hand, whilst their clothes were protected from neck to knee.  

Children wearing bigbib tunics to protect them from tomato ketchup          

Being able to send everyone home at the end of it all with immaculately clean clothes was the greatest achievement of the day, leaving the only question to be whether to wash or flip.