How to paint-your-own perfectly...

Raising money for NHS Charities Together, the paint-your-own bigbib is a lockdown win-win.  Each tunic comes with a pot of DYLON™ fabric paint and clear instructions for your mini Monet.  

Here are some tips for creating a masterpiece that lasts:

  • Open your Bigbib out to its full length and lay flat on a wipe clean surface.
  • Prepare your surfaces and your artist.
  • Apply the paint fairly thickly and evenly across the child's hand.  It does rinse off easily so don't worry about it staining their skin.
  • Use a pencil to outline letters if you are planning to write a name. It will rub out and come out in the wash and your name will be much neater.
  • Allow the print to dry thoroughly.
  • Use a VERY hot iron. Steam can prevent the the paint from fixing properly.  

Good luck and HAVE FUN! 

Alice x